Reopening in Fall 2020

Our Story

Neon sign lit with the words "breathe" on a green foliage wall

We live in an age of great hurry and great speed. We rush and cram things together so that — maybe — we can get more accomplished in a day. We’re so hyper-focused on rushing through every part of our day that a full minute of mindfulness might be too long for some people. We’re out to change that with matcha.

We believe in the power of matcha to inspire happier and healthier lifestyles.

We value the many health benefits of matcha — its unique combination of caffeine, L-theanine and antioxidants creates calm alertness — but more importantly, we also value the importance of slowing down associated with traditional Japanese tea ceremony. And while the traditional ceremony is very specific and would usually be performed by a special host, we feel that there are elements of the ceremony that are worth bringing into our busy lives. Brewing matcha is an act of mindfulness — in the moment of brewing matcha, all attention is focused on the matcha. This is a wonderful practice for being more attentive and engaged in the present, bringing us into a more relaxed state of mind.