Reopening in Fall 2020

Our Matcha

Crafting high quality matcha is no easy feat.

Our artisan tea farming family has been practicing this exquisite craft in the birthplace of matcha (Uji, Japan) for many generations; harvesting only the youngest, most tender tea leaves and grinding them into a fine powder. The result is single-origin, ceremonial grade matcha unlike any other.

Morning mist hovering a tea farm in Uji, Japan

Uji’s Magic

Uji (宇治), a small city situated between Kyoto and Nara has it all — rich and acidic soil, micro-climate, altitude and geography. It’s no wonder the best matcha in the world comes from Uji. Hence, the “Uji Matcha” accolade. From the mountain slopes and the excellent drainage to the cool mornings and warm days, Uji offers almost perfect conditions to grow vibrant-colored tea with lots of umami.

Only Shade-grown

Our tea plants are grown under the shade for at least 20 days before the first harvest (early May). Reducing the amount of sunlight the leaves are exposed to increases the natural amino acid (L-theanine) and chlorophyll content in the leaves. The chlorophyll produces the vivid green color, while L-theanine gives matcha its umami flavor.

Green tea plants shaded to increase chlorophyll and L-theanine levels
Tea farmer picking the youngest, most tender tea leaves during first harvest in Uji, Japan

Only First Flush

Our matcha is ground from leaves picked from the first harvest (first flush) also known as “Ichibancha” (一番茶). Only the youngest, most tender leaves from shade-grown tea plants are handpicked.

Only Stoneground

While it takes much longer than industrial grinders, we insist on grinding our tea leaves with traditional granite stone mills to preserve the color and taste of matcha. Only 1 jar of ultra-fine matcha (30g) can be ground in 1 hour.

Traditional granite stonemill creates ultra-fine matcha powder
Freshly ground matcha powder resting on a chashaku (matcha scoop) made out of bamboo

Only The Freshest

With a transparent supply network, we’re able to grind our tea leaves on an as-needed basis. This helps us reduce waste and provide the freshest matcha. Once our matcha is ground, it’s immediately sealed in aluminium foil packaging, providing a complete barrier to light, oxygen, moisture and bacteria. Then it’s on the next flight out of Uji, cold stored until dispatch.