Reopening in Fall 2020

Our Promises

We believe in serving the best and we believe in doing it responsibly.
Tea farmer harvesting the youngest green tea leaves

Exceptional Quality

We understand that crafting high quality matcha is no easy feat. That’s why we’re honored to partner with an artisan tea farming family that has been practicing this exquisite craft in the birthplace of matcha (Uji, Japan) for many generations. Only the youngest, most tender leaves from shade-grown tea plants are harvested. From harvesting to grinding the leaves with traditional granite stone mills, we take zero shortcuts.

Craft Responsibly

We care about our farmers and mother nature. Crafting single-origin matcha builds stronger personal relationships with farmers, enabling better farming conditions and efficiencies. From farming to packaging, we take minimalism seriously.

Tea farmers harvesting green tea leaves at a family farm in Uji, Japan