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Front view of Sunday Ceremonial Matcha packaging
Side view of Sunday Ceremonial Matcha packaging
Sunday Ceremonial Matcha powder color

Sunday™ Premium Ceremonial Matcha

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The crown jewel of our matcha selection.

Sunday Premium Ceremonial Matcha is packed with bright, smooth, toasty aromas. Each jar is filled with umami matcha ground from first flush leaves also known as “Ichibancha” (一番茶). Only the youngest, most tender leaves from shade-grown tea plants that have been nurtured for over 30 years are handpicked. From harvesting to grinding the leaves with traditional granite stone mills, no shortcuts were taken. It truly is our most prized matcha.


30 g / 1.06 oz


Uji in Kyoto prefecture, Japan.

Storage Guide
Refrigerate after opening, avoid sunlight and moisture.